The idea that software must be of absolutely premium quality must be fostered on all levels and in interactions with all institutions by implementing a variety of measures. Among these opportunities is the creating of increased awareness of software quality issues with businesses, associations, governments and government representatives. To this end, gasq considers itself a liaison between the business world and politics.
gasq explains the importance of high software quality standards to enterprises, associations and governments. It demonstrates to all players what they can do to actively contribute to excellent software quality. The creation of increased awareness of the importance and relevance of software quality is one of the key objectives of gasq.

Networks always consist of people who are particularly committed to their ideas. gasq is an alliance of individuals who are working in all imaginable disciplines of the software development process, in software process optimization and many other areas of specialization.
gasq helps individuals, companies, organizations and governments understand how critical it is to have the highest possible quality software. For instance, gasq does organize networking activities between these groups and offers them opportunities to exchange ideas in expert groups, at meetings, seminars, conferences, etc.

Service Provider
gasq is also a service provider that supports businesses and associations. Through its consulting and certification services, gasq helps strengthen enterprises and associations as they compete internationally through its vast networking organizations.


As the leading industry association, gasq advocates for the rapidly growing industry in terms of software quality. Whether the subject matter is software testing or requirements engineering, usability engineering or process optimization - as your advocate, gasq solicits trust and acceptance.

Innovation Driver
As the leading industry association focusing on software quality, gasq makes significant contributions to related innovations. This includes everything from the creation of standards to the latest certifications to the assessment of industries and businesses.

Certified Quality
gasq is ISO9001:2008 certified and ISO17024 audited.