The Benefits of Certification

Documentation of your knowledge
Obtaining an IT industry certification offers a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, being certified puts you in a position to document your knowledge. When you present your certificate to your supervisor or a customer, he or she will know that you are an expert in your area of specialization. Moreover, thanks to the specialization options available in many of our certification programs, you have the opportunity to align your education with the demands of your career. For instance, in the discipline of software testing, you can choose between management (Test Manager) and a more technical orientation (Technical Test Analyst) in our Advanced Level module. In other words, your certification can grow along with your career advancement.

International comparability
Certification ensures comparability on an international level. Thanks to the fact that all certifications are issued internationally, it is also possible to conduct comparisons between the teams working in different countries and regions. Once a certification has been obtained, this is also an indicator that the certified individual has developed an understanding of the international language in the respective topic at hand.


Standardized professional language
Certification also offers the opportunity of learning a language within your professional discipline. In the discipline of software quality, it has become a common phenomenon that the experts no longer communicate in a uniform language. Over the course of time, different enterprises have developed different terminologies and terms for one and the same subject matter. In major projects it can now be frequently observed that while people have the same intentions, they are unable to communicate with each other. Certification offers an opportunity to introduce a more uniform language. To achieve this, it is extremely important to implement such standardizations on the international level to make sure terms and terminologies can also be understood across national boundaries. Consequently, all gasq certifications are based on international standards and are being developed by international committees.