IREB CPRE Advanced Level

The IREB CPRE Advanced Level stands for mastering and using methods and techniques.

There are three modules: 

  • Requirements Elicitation & Consolidation
  • Requirements Modeling
  • Requirements Management

Requirements Elicitation and Consolidation (E&C)

Techniques from the Foundation Level are elaborated here in more detail and further techniques added enabling participants to efficiently elicit and consolidate requirements.

Requirements Modeling

Correct use of graphical models to express functional requirements.

Requirements Management

Appropriate methods and techniques to effectively deal with the management of requirements throughout the product development.


There is an exam for each module with a corresponding certificate. Choose the module(s) that fits best to you and your profession. 

Target audience: 

The Advanced Level addresses the holders of the CPRE Foundation Level certificate, who want to deepen their knowledge of particular Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis activities.



Prerequisite for participation in the examination for IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Advanced Level – is the certificate

IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level


REQB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level 


certificate Requirements Engineering of the British Computer Society (BCS) 


Without one of these certificates, participation in the examination is not possible, and other certificates do not entitle you to participate in the examination.


Download the IREB CPRE Advanced Level syllabi here