IREB CPRE Foundation Level

The Foundation Level addresses the needs of all people involved in the topic of Requirements Engineering. This includes people in roles such as project or IT management, domain experts, system analysts and software developers. 

The IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level certification covers the following topics:

Introduction and Foundations

System and Systems

Requirements Elicitation

Requirements Documentation

Documentation of Requirements using Natural Language

Model-based Documentation of Requirements

Requirements validation and negotiation

Requirements Management

Tool Support

Target audience: The IREB CPRE Foundation Level addresses the advanced beginner in Requirements Engineering and provides the core knowledge of this topic. 

Prerequisites: there are no prerequisites to apply for IREB CPRE FL.

A person with a CPRE FL certificate: 

  • is familiar with the terminology of Requirements Engineering/Business Analysis and Requirements Management,
  • understands the basic techniques and methods of Requirements Engineering and their application,
  • is familiar with the most established notations for requirements.


Download the IREB CPRE FL Syllabus here.