Advanced Level Registration


That a person can be registered the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • At least 18 month practical experience as Software Tester or in IT development
  • Successfully passed Foundation Level exam (verified trough copy of Foundation Level certificate)
  • Application for admission

Time bonus

For Non-Native-Speaker there is a possibility for a time bonus.

A time-bonus can only be given to participants who have their citizenship in a country where the exam language is not an official language (Example: an Italian wants to sit a Russian exam).

If you want to get a time bonus please enclose a document showing your citizenship (e.g. copy of passport).


Please register in written form (e.g. per e-mail, fax, letter) at gasq.


Please ask gasq for the costs for the exam in your country.

Check of the documents

Your documents will be checked within 10 days. After your registration you will receive a confirmation of your registration via e-mail. If you do not fulfil all conditions gasq will not register you for the exam. Nevertheless the fee must be paid. You must send your registration form at least 10 working days before the exam.


Exam conditions

The exam for the Full Advanced Level consists of three modules: Test Analyst, Technical Test Analyst and Test Manager. It is possible to take an exam to every module.

  • The duration of the Test Manager and the Test Analyst exam is 180 minutes + 25% extra time for Non-Native speaker. The duration of the Technical Test Analyst exam is 120 minutes + 25% extra time for Non-Native speaker.
  • To pass 65 percent of the possible credit points must be achieved.
  • For any language without English: The exam can include English word.
  • The difficulty of the exam questions differs.
  • Before the exam photo identification (identity card, passport, driving licence) must be presented.
  • It is allowed to use a dictionary (without any handwritten notes in it) during the exam.
  • Notes may only be made on papers given out by the invigilator.
  • Notes will not be read or evaluated.
  • Questions during the exam are not allowed and will not be answered.
  • The test paper/test may be submitted before the end of the test.
  • The participants must leave the test area after submission of the examination.
  • The participant gets an e-mail with his/her result within 10 days after the exam.
  • An inspection of the exam is possible in the gasq office in Nuremberg against a fee of 80,00 €. The inspection is only a target-performance comparison. It is not allowed to take any notes during the inspection.

Retaking of exam

The exam can be retaken.

Cancellation of exam

gasq reserves the right to cancel every exam or to change the place of the exam. We always try to announce cancellations or changes in time. But in particular cases a cancelation after short-notice can happen even when a confirmation of registration has been sent out. In such a case all exam fees that already have been paid will be repaid. In cases of cancellation no further claims for damages can be asserted against gasq.


Exam Places

You can find exam places on our website



The Advanced Level certificates have a lifelong validity.

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Copy of Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate*
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Time Bonus
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Exam Conditions*
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