Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board

The Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) was established in 2006. Its members are international experts for Requirements Engineering, who are working on a global RE program. As a result, the board intends to create an international standard that will be recognized as the common language in the discipline of Requirements Engineering.

The main reasons for the development of a new standard for Requirements Engineering were the growing complexity and software dependency. As a result, the success of companies has become highly contingent upon software that is error free. Consequently, the Requirements Engineering Qualifications Board (REQB) decided to create uniform international standards for Requirements Engineering. After all – standards are just like languages – they can only be used effectively if everyone can understand them.  And with the specific objective of creating such a global language, the international experts joined forces in the REQB and developed this standard.

This standard was created in a collaborative effort by several international experts. The content can be considered an international standard. The syllabus has been designed for international teaching and certification on the same global level.

Your REQB certification is designed to grow along with your career advancement. The certification as an REQB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering comprises three levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert Level. At this time, the Foundation Level and Advanced Level Requirements Manager are available.

For more information please download our current REQB flyer here.