REQB Professional for Requirements Engineering

Your certification as an REQB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering classifies you as an expert in the discipline of Requirements Engineering. As such a professional you have the qualification to identify and specify requirements. You have the skills to complete an effective requirements analysis. Furthermore, you are familiar with the key procedures and processes of Requirements Engineering and are in a position to manage risks professionally. Obtaining your certification from us will help you document to your clients and employers that you have the exacting level of skills required in the field of Requirements Engineering.

The plan was developed in a collaborative effort by several international experts. The content of the plan can therefore be considered an international standard. Consequently, the syllabi make it possible to work on a uniform level across the national borders.
The REQB plans comprise several modular levels. We are currently offering the Foundation Level. As of early February, the first Advanced Level Module for certification as a Requirements Manager will also be available. We are also planned to launch a second Advanced Level Module and an Expert Level.