General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Registration
Registration for events shall only be possible in writing. Upon registration, the application shall receive a prompt registration confirmation. Given that the number of participants is limited for didactic and spatial reasons, the registrations shall be processed on a first come first served basis. Written registrations for events may be submitted via the Internet, via e-mail, fax or regular mail. Upon written confirmation of the registration by gasq, the registration shall be binding.

§ 2 Processing of Orders
Upon receipt of the registration, a written confirmation notice shall be sent. Along with this confirmation, all information pertaining to the respective training program will be communicated via e-mail.

§ 3 Effective Dates of Offers
Offers made shall only be in effect until the date cited in the offer. The offer shall expire upon expiration of the offer deadline, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

§ 4 Fees
The fees due for the attendance of events shall be due upon receipt of invoice, net cash. All prices shall be subject to additional applicable value added tax. The exam fees include the taking of the exam and the provision of the exam results via e-mail. Ancillary fees for international transfers shall be completely absorbed by the registrant. Incidentally, the statutory provisions for general payment transactions shall apply.

§ 5 Changes
gasq shall have the right to assign substitute facilitators, make minor changes to the contents of events and to change the venue or dates of events. Venue or date changes shall be communicated in a timely manner. In the event that a registrant should be unable to attend because of such changes, the registrant shall have the option to rescind from the contract without having to pay any fees.

§ 6 Cancelations by Registrants
Cancelations of any order shall always be tendered in writing. In the event that cancelations should be made within twelve weeks prior to the start of the event, the registrant shall be required to pay 50 % of the event fees. In the event that cancelations should be submitted later, or if the registrants should be a no-show, the full fee stipulated in the invoice shall be due. It is of course possible to replace a registered participant with a substitute. All of the above shall be subject to the written notification by gasq.

§ 7 Cancelations by gasq
gasq reserves the right to cancel events up to 5 days prior to the start of the seminar or exam in the event that the minimum number of participants should not have registered or in the event of hindrances that are beyond the control of gasq. In exceptional cases (e.g. due to illness of the facilitator or in the event of force majeure) cancelations may also be made at shorter notice. In such cases, gasq shall strive to offer a substitute date immediately. In the event of cancelation of an event by gasq, all event fees that have already been paid shall be refunded in full. All further legal remedies, in particular the reimbursement of costs resulting from loss of work, travel or hotel expenses shall be excluded.

§ 8 Claims, Liability, Compensation for Damages
All claims shall be filed in writing and within 14 calendar days after the services have been rendered. In the event that claims should be justified, gasq shall, at its discretion either adjust the invoice amount or remedy the inadequate service or initiate complimentary remedial action within a reasonable period of time. Although documentation and exams will be compiled with utmost diligence and care, it is not possible to rule out errors completely.
gasq shall not assume any liability for the correctness of the content of the online presentation and any other documentation/material.
gasq shall not assume any liability for the loss of valuables, garments and other objects.
In the event of only negligent breach of a cardinal contractual obligation, the liability of gasq shall be limited to the contract typical foreseeable damage amount. In all other cases of minor negligence, liability shall be completely excluded.
To the extent that this is permitted by law, liability claims against gasq Service GmbH shall be excluded. Incidentally, the statutory provisions shall apply.

§ 9 Right of revocation

According to the following instruction about the right of revocation you only have a right of revocation when you are a consumer. According to §13 German Civil Code a consumer is every individual person who closes a transaction for a reason that doesn’t affect its commercial or (free-lanced) job-related activity.
You may declare the revocation of your contractual statement in text form (e.g. letter, email) within a period of two weeks. The revocation does not have to contain any reasons. We will forward this revocation instruction to you again in text form. The revocation period commences the day following the receipt of merchandise and this revocation instruction in text form. The time-limit shall be deemed to be observed by the timely dispatch of the declaration of revocation.

The revocation is to be addressed to:
gasq Service GmbH
Rothenburger Str. 11
90443 Nuremberg
Fax: +49 911 9900780

Consequences of revocation
In case of a valid revocation, all mutually received performances as well as emoluments taken (e.g. interest), if applicable, are to be restituted by either side. If you are unable or partially unable to restitute the performance to us or can only restitute it in a deteriorated condition, then you have to insofar compensate for its value where applicable. All reimbursement obligations must be fulfilled within 30 days of the declaration of revocation.

End of revocation instruction


§ 10 Copyright and Data Privacy
All rights, including those for reprinting and duplication of documents or parts therefore shall be reserved by gasq Service GmbH.
Under no circumstances shall anyone be permitted to reproduce, duplicate, distribute or publish excerpts from the documents or exam questions without the written consent of gasq.
The customer consents to the processing of data, if same should be required for the proper performance of an event. Upon request of the customer we shall provide the former with information pertaining to his/her personal data that has been stored at any time.
Disks or other data media brought to the event by participants may not be used on gasq computers or may be used on the former only subject to the express approval of gasq. Participants shall be held liable for any damages arising from such uses.
The party causing damages to hardware and fixtures of gasq shall be held liable for such damages.
The customer consents to the taking of photographs in conjunction with the event and agrees to the use of same for promotional purposes by gasq, unless express objections are raised beforehand.

§ 11 Hotels
Upon request, gasq shall be pleased to make hotel reservations for event participants – as a rule at special discounts. The hotel costs shall be paid directly by participants to the seminar hotel.

§ 12 Ancillary Covenants
For any ancillary covenants to be rendered effective, same shall be made in writing.

§13 Interpretation Problems
In the event that interpretation problems should arise, the German version of the General Terms and Conditions shall be the only legally effective version.

§ 14 Place of Fulfillment and Jurisdiction
If so permitted by law, the sole place of fulfillment and jurisdiction shall be Nuremberg, Germany. This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by European law.

§ 15 Severability Clause
In the event that certain provisions of this Agreement should be or become ineffective or unenforceable, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining Agreement. The contracting parties shall undertake to bridge any resulting gap with a provision that meets the business intentions and purpose of the original provision and of the Agreement as closely as possible.

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